Founder. Investor. Global Citizen

Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson is a lifelong entrepreneur, and founder of multiple companies including Nomad Capitalist, and global citizen at home in nearly a dozen countries around the world.

Where I Live

For more than a decade, I’ve lived as a global citizen with homes around the world and frequently traveling. Here’s where you’re most likely to find me.


Kuala Lumpur






About Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson is the founder of Nomad Capitalist and the world’s most sought-after expert on global citizenship. He is a serial entrepreneur who started four businesses in three industries in the United States in his twenties, then sold everything to become a full-time global citizen.

After spending more than a decade visiting and living in 100+ countries in search of freedom and opportunity, Mr. Henderson has become an expert on the growing field of global citizenship. He is the author of “Nomad Capitalist”, a book discussing the concepts of global citizenship that anyone can apply. Unlike consultants who merely sell products, Mr. Henderson lives the lifestyle he preaches.

He has legally reduced his global tax rate from 43% to 1%, obtained multiple citizenships, purchased personal and investment real estate in seven countries, and founded an international business.

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